I hate that linux has the Ok and Cancel buttons backwards. What a PITA!!!

BTW, I just installed linux on a crap machine I have at home…I had XP pro on it…but the damn machine only has 192 mb of RAM, so it was dogging ass….The linux machine is running at 108 in use, the XP machine was running at 200 with practically nothing running…

Im running Fedora 2

First thing I do when installing Linux is install Firefox – much better than Mozilla….


Ok, I am not a big Linux guy, but I think it is cool, kinda easy to use, and has some useful things to it. Red Hat 9 is pretty sweet, pretty cool, from the guys at RedHat. Well, this past year they decided to split off to “Enterprise Linux”, and charge for the OS. Now there is the “Fedora Project”, which is supposed to be the free version of Red Hat’s linux (but they don’t support it – wtf?). Anyways, for now I think I’ll stick with Red Hat 9, running on VMware. Maybe someday I’ll get brave and run it on a PC. Still some things just don’t work (the new Napster for one).

Anyways, I made my first c++ program in like 3 years today, on Red Hat (comes with complier and junk already installed). Pretty cool!

Red Hat

Fedora Project