ForFiles – Delete files older than X amount of Days

Windows 2003 – ForFiles

FORFILES /P C:MyPath /S /M log*.xml /D -30 /C "cmd /c del @file"

/S – look at subdirectories

log*.xml – that is the file pattern, you could have it be like *.txt for example

/D -30 = files greater than 30 days

/C – thats the command you want to run

this is pretty much a one line command that could replace a ton of vbScripts, batch files, and other apps I have seen over the years to clean up files. Something for every sys admin’s toolbelt.

Product Reviews

View Hard Disk Usage

A good tool to view files on your hard disk and see where you are using up space – SequoiaView. Gives a graphical representation of where files are and how big they are. Most other apps you find are going to be shareware or cost 20-30$. Using this tool I have found things I have forgotten about that were taking up GB’s on my hard drive, and made it easy, I didn’t have to search around in every folder. Pretty good util.


Props to Deer River

Here is the post I promised to Deer River – well, not Deer River, MN, but Allen Cook – IT Guy, WoW Factor.

He created a dualbootoctaboot machine. Win3.1, Win95, Win98, WinME, Win2K, WinXP Home, WinXP Pro – all on the same machine – plus another drive that is shared between all the OS’s – money.

Now he just needs to get me Vista 🙂



This week, I worked on a PC for someone, and wow, was it infected with Malware/Spyware, bad stuff. Couldn’t stop it with Norton, MS Antispyware, other tools, etc. I found some forums saying to follow these 20 steps and it might work – forget it, just redo the PC.

That stuff is nasty, you need to watch what you install, especially from the web, stuff that pops up. I have seen that kind of stuff dissipate since XP sp2, but this computer didn’t have that, and must have gotten something that way.