Server Move: Hosting My Own Site(s)

Well, I have been on HostMySite for a few years now, and I just wasn’t liking it. I didn’t have control, and couldn’t do everything I wanted to. Last week I signed up with ServerBeach and I have my own dedicated server. I am running Windows 2003, IIS, SQL, MySQL, PHP, etc.

I changed for now my DNS to GoDaddy from Active-Domain, since GoDaddy has SPF records (for Google talk federation, etc). I might change that up here in the future as well.

Transferring a domain takes way to long! Took like 4 days overall. Also, I first went with EasyCGI , a VPS solution, but the box couldn’t get to the Internet! I put in tickets, etc, they just wouldn’t fix it, so I canceled and went to ServerBeach. I am liking them so far, they had the server provisioned in about 4 hours.

One thing I can do now as well, is write a site for myself and import all the log files (Firewall, SMTP, All the Sites, FTP, etc) and have a nice little reporting solution.

ServerBeach is good, very professional. If you want to sign up, use referrer code BW27Q37B6D  (

To get PHP/MySQL/WordPress, I loosely followed these three tutorials

How to Install PHP on IIS 6.0
How to Install MySQL On IIS 6.0
How to Install WordPress on IIS 6.0

For my ASP.NET Site, it was just copying over files and configuring IIS a little. For my blog, I used this dbbackup plugin ( and then once I had my WordPress files over, and MySQL/PHP running, I connected to the instance of a DB I created and ran the SQL backup script, which created everything the way I needed it for WordPress.

For Mail, I use the built in SMTP in Windows 2003. I just had to turn on relaying, but yeah, spammers, so I just allowed the local server to send mail, and it works. Tested it using this ( and it worked.

Other than that, its pretty much basic server admin stuff. Firewall, FTP, etc. Everything is running smooth… for now 🙂

I will just have to make sure I have backups!



WordPress 2.3.3, PHP, Windows Live Writer, Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

After I updated to WordPress 2.3.3, I was seeing some pages in my admin screens getting errors like this:

Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted

WTF? So, pages still worked though. I cleaned out everything I wasn’t using (themes, plugins, etc) in my WordPress directories, still getting it.

So researched a little, had to edit my php.ini in the etc directory of my webhost. I changed memory_limit from 8M to 16M. Pages started working again. cool!

Anyways, Windows Live Writer was getting an error on posting after I upgraded "Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server" and the post would save as a draft in WLW (but still post to my blog)  After posting to the WLW groups on MSN, Joe Cheng at Microsoft wrote me to send me the WLW log file. (Help->About->Show Log File). After looking at the log file myself I noticed the same "Allow memory size…" errors and realized that the php.ini fix probably fixed the posting problem.

After I fixed the php.ini, my posts now go through with no issue.

I know some people have just updated the xml-rpc.php and they are having issues. I recommend just updating your whole WordPress installation. If you are using a custom theme you are ok. Just disable your plugins and re-enable after updating the files. the wp-config.php doesn’t get overwritten, so you are ok.


Upgrade Your WordPress Installation – ASAP!

There have been a few security related fixes for WordPress released. The are currently on 2.2.3

I use for my hosting and they won’t upgrade your WordPress installation for you, so you need to do it yourself. Pretty simple, just follow the directions here:

I backed up my WordPress instance, then disabled my plugins, then uploaded the files to FTP over my existing files, then hit the upgrade link on my site, and it all worked.

I already had Akismet plugin but they have a new version in the 2.2.3 zip file, everything worked after, I just re-enabled it. As for my other plugins, some work, some have new versions that I need to update..

Viper’s Video Tags causes errors with class-snoopy.PHP , I have tried numerous things to fix it but it seems that the only one at this point that I can get to work is to disable the plugin, which means all my YouTube videos are not working at this point – ugh…

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Cool Blog Trick: Crosspost WordPress to MSN Spaces

I use MSN Windows Live Messenger as my main IM client, I have most of the people I IM with on there, all my contacts in my account, it syncs with my T-Mobile Dash running Windows Mobile 6.0, etc. But, as you can see, I am using WordPress instead of MSN Spaces (Windows Live Spaces) or whatever they are calling it these days (they change the names of this stuff like monthly, I swear).

Anyway’s, in Windows Live Messenger, when a contact updates their space, you will see on your contact list in Messenger a little yellow star next to their name and you can go to their updated space/blogs/photos, whatever.

I wanted this to happen for me, but I don’t want to use MSN Spaces. Did some digging and found a WordPress plugin that will do it all for me – cool!

You can find the plugin here:

There were a few tweaks, I had to modify the PHP so that the sync all would work with WP 2.0, and also the sync all timed out once, so I had to re-run, but it picked up from where it left off.

Now, anytime I post here, it will cross post to my space:  and people that are on my Windows Live Messenger list will see that I updated it. Just another way to get your updates out to people who might not know what RSS is, or a Feed Reader, etc.

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Digital Camera, First Video, WordPress, YouTube Video Embedding

Well, I bought a good digital camera yesterday. A Panasonic Lumix, 7.1 megapixel. Has the lithium ion battery, etc. I picked up a 2.0 GB SD card as well. Time to get my pictures on! I really wanted it so I could take tons of pictures going out to Oregon plus once I am out there.

Well, yesterday sitting waiting to go out to eat with my Dad, I started playing guitar. We tried out the video portion of the new camera. Takes pretty decent video, only thing the format is Quicktime .MOV – man. Now I might have to get Quicktime Pro or some other converter so I can edit these movies, they come out HUGE, like 100 MB, and YouTube has a 100 MB limit!!

Anyways, here is the video:

Man what a debacle to embed video in wordpress, had to install a plugin!

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More WordPress tips: Get rid of blog spam!

I set up WordPress a couple of years ago, moving my blog over from After a while, I started getting tremendous amounts of blog spam. For the longest time, I’d come home after work and delete 100’s of blog spam.

Finally, I decided to find a solution. Akismet.

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that pretty much eliminates the blog spam problem. You need to goto and sign up and get a Developer API Key, but that is about it.

Install the plugin and away you go.

I always love logging into my dashboard and seeing the stats:

Akismet has protected your site from 58034 spam comments



Backing up your WordPress Blog Database From WordPress

If you have ever wanted to back up your wordpress blog database from within wordpress, well look no further.

Here is a blog post on the plugin you need, and instructions.

Pretty simple. Download the plugin, unzip, upload the php file to your blog, active plugin, goto Manage->Backup and you are good to go. I feel more comfortable already. This is especially handy if your blog is hosted on a hosting company server.


MyBlogLog and WhoLinked, and WordPress Themes.

I have read alot about MyBlogLog, so I signed up this morning. Pretty cool, I am liking it so far. Lets you see who visits, who clicks where, etc. Kind of like a suped up stat counter. Thing is, I signed up, logged out, and I can’t log in again, something must be wacked at the current time.

One other WordPress plugin I ran across is WhoLinked. I havent installed it yet, but I am thinking I am going to try it, looks pretty cool too.

I do need to do some widget organization on my sidebar, maybe this weekend is the time.

And since I got so much flack for my default WordPress theme, I might even change that up too – probably a good time to convert my whole site to an ASP.NET Web Application. When I made this site, all you could make were ASP.NET Web Sites in VS2005, so I was kind of stuck. I do have some music to put up to. We will see what this weekend brings, I am thinking either St. Patty’s day, or Geeking, haven’t decidied yet.



Well, I changed by blog over to WordPress instead of blogger. My hosting site has a thing where it sets it all up and everything, pretty cool. I just imported my blogger blog over to here, and update my blog url to I figure if it is good enough for Aaron and Scoble, it must be good enough for me 🙂