The Surreal Life

Today as I was just hanging out, VH1 had a “Surreal Life” marathon on, I am guessing the first season or something. Anyways, what a stupid concept. Lets go find six celebrities that haven’t worked in about 5 years (at least), and make them live together for two weeks, giving them missions to do. The celebs in this season were Vanilla Ice, Ron Jeremy, Traci Bingham, Tammy Faye, Erik Estrada, and Trishelle.

Vanilla Ice was a spaz the whole time, about how he wanted to bury his past. Ron Jeremy was just a hound, trying to cop feels and hook up with every chick. Traci Bingham was the ditzy chick of the group, and also the vegetarian who wore leather hats and furs and things. Tammy Faye was nice to everyone, except she only did like 3 missions since everything was morally impure for her. Erik Estrada was the most down to earth of the bunch. Trishelle was the leftover from some other reality show, a 23 year old drunken college chick, not really a celeb, but they just threw her in there for a mix.

There were some amusing things that went on. Gary Coleman did a guest spot, went mental and left. Vanilla Ice sang Ice, Ice Baby on karoke. Other than that, it was just a bunch of ex-celebs crying on how they lost their edge, etc, etc.

By the way, isn’t VH1 a music channel? WTF happened to the videos. I suppose they thought they had to compete with Music Television (MTV), so they have the least amount of music as possible. Oh well, worthless time wasters are needed every now and then…

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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