Sprint PCS Aircards

Sprint PCS has something called an “Aircard” that you can buy. It isn’t a phone, but it is a PCIMCA card that you can use in your laptop. Anywhere you can get Sprint coverage, you can connect to the internet at decent speeds (60-120k). It is a an awesome tool if you are traveling with people and you need to connect to the net, or if you are somewhere out and you need to get connected. I use it to connect to VPN and do work from restaurants, etc. It is such a timesaver. I think unlimited usage is like 80 dollars a month. If you haven’t checked out these aircards, I would suggest you do. There are some different brands, Novatel has worked great for me, there is Yiso and and some others. I take that and my wi-fi card with me and I am set. You can also use it with a cradle with a pocket pc and you are connected, using MSN Messenger, Internet, etc. It is awesome!

Check it out

Sprint PCS Aircards

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