Firefox and Internet Explorer

The debate between FF and IE is a hot one. Firefox is good, nice tabs, etc, etc. IE integrates well with Windows. I like FF, but one thing I don’t like is it is a 3rd party app. The more stuff you install on your machine, no matter what it is, is more upkeep, more problems can happen, etc. And, everytime you redo your machine you need to install everything again, etc.

Some people think that FF is a paneca for security. Well, it is not. That isn’t saying that IE is fort knox either, but they both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Lately I have been using IE and I am actually excited for IE7 and what IE has to offer in Longhorn.

In any event, it is your choice. Just like if you want to use ITunes or MusicMatch or Winamp to play your music. I choose to use Windows Media Player. I just like it. It integrates tightly with the OS, I like that.

It is analogous to a vehicle. You don’t go putting a Ford engine in a Chevy trunk, it just doesn’t happen. 3rd party after products are usually only used in a case where nothing else is available. Usually after some time, things catch on and the manufacturer creates the part and you can get it from them.

I see FF as an aftermarket part for my computer. I see IE as something like the CD player that comes with your vehicle, and FF as the cool pioneer CD player with all the add ons.

Scoble has been getting major flack for his post today, which I think is kind of wrong. He is just bringing to light news about a tech product. There are flaws in a very popular extension for FF, and also another programming issue about localization, so the FF team is having some problems this week. When Microsoft IE Team has issues, it is all over the news, and people talk about it. If the google toolbar has a flaw in just in IE, I am sure there would be rumblings all over the blogsphere.

The problem is the mindset of people that promote FF and Linux, and anything not Microsoft, they think that whatever they say is the only way, the correct way. They don’t think people should have a choice, they think that if you don’t use FF or Linux or OSS that you are less of a geek, less of a developer, things like that.

I think people shouldn’t be forced to use anything they don’t want to. Free will. I should be able to use whatever browser I choose, and stand behind it.

It reminds me of fights about C# vs VB.Net – neither one is better, it is a choice to use one or the other. The thing is, people that use are laid back, and don’t get all blown up about people that use C#. On the other hand, people that use C# look down on people that use, they think they are better than VB.Net developers. When it comes right down to it, C# and VB.Net are the same, why are we even fighting about it? It is your choice to program in whatever language you see fit.

Anyways, I am going off on a tangent, but the bottom line is, FF and IE are both good products, check them both out. Use whichever one you think it the best. But don’t be closed minded. When a new build for either comes out, check them out, see what is new, try them out. That is the fun of having a computer and being able to customize it. If you like one better, choose to use it!

Happy Geeking!!!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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