The State Of The Blogsphere

It seems that so many people start blogs, make one post saying they are starting a blog, and then never touch it again. It also seems that people stop blogging for months and months and just leave their blogs to die.

One other thing I noticed is that LiveJournal, et al type blogging services don’t easily let their users expose their RSS feeds (if they even have RSS Feeds?)

For someone who reads blogs through use of an aggregator, no RSS means no read.

Also, comment spam is just bad. Everywhere you look. At least now blogger has word verification, but then that turns people off from putting in comments.

The blogsphere seems to be kind of in shambles in some respects. Pretend everyone got 5 acres to build houses, and 30% of people just nailed two boards together and then never went back. Granted, there are some people who give it a good effort and build their house, but with no roof, and they never finish. In any event, all houses get vandalized (comment spam). That is how I see the blogsphere right now.

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

2 replies on “The State Of The Blogsphere”

I happen 2b one of those people that u talk about 😦
I created a blog & started out blogging everyday. Then I stopped, then I went back to blogging, even if it was only a few post a week & now…I don’t think that I have bloged 4 about 6 months 😦

But I have reasons for this:
reasons 1 & 2 you need 2 have internet & a computer 2 blog right? LOL and I don’t have either. My computer took a dump this last spring & I have not purch a new computer (and this is reason 3)I have been shopping for a house; and 4 those of u have bought a home u know ur lender doesn’t like u extending ur credit while ur pending the purch of the house. So on that note I am waiting until after I close on the house, (which is next WED!) then its time to shop for a new computer!!!

So if I was of those people u were checking up on my blogging “I am sorry”

After I am moved in, have a new computer I am sure I will be on line lots, emails,chats & blogs – at least during the winter (lol) Summer time is for my gardens, camping and riding the motorcycle –
take care!


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