.NET Framework Mistake

I think the .NET Framework is great. It is great for web and fat client apps, web services, etc. I think the mistake Microsoft made with it, is it isn’t required with the OS. Too many people don’t have it. It isn’t feasible to develop a fat client app with .NET and expect widespread installations. People that don’t have the framework will be put of by the whopping ~23MB size of the install. I think it is just goofy that Microsoft tries to push .NET down our throats (as developers) – everything is .NET this, .NET that – and it is good, it can do a lot. Thing is – if you want to get an application to the masses, you still have to fall back on C/C++ as it will 99.9% run natively.

Instead of making the .NET framework a optional update on Windows Update, I think that if it was a required update, it would make things a lot better in terms of developers wanting to target a larger audience. Microsoft says that Vista will have .NET Framework 2.0 – but it is too late. Too many people have XP (9X even!) that they will probably never switch to Vista.

I think managed code is good. I don’t think I should have to develop in unmanaged code because it is too much of a PITA to get the framework to end user machines.


By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

5 replies on “.NET Framework Mistake”

They didn’t learn with VB’s runtimes and the whole mess from that, which is what surprises me. Vista is coming with the .NET frameworks, but you’re right, it’s goofy that it’s not required for the next OS patch.

That being said, I STILL don’t like .NET — if I wanted to run interpreted code, I’d run Java. The fact that I have to obfuscate my code is absolutely insane! The startup times for the CLR are still atrocious. Tons of things like that really turn me off to the idea.

We should get together over beers and have this talk though. 😛


yeah, still with Java you still need to distribute that damn framework. And with .net it is a little easier to get right to the OS, I think anyways.

Yeah, you are right, we should get together for beers to discuss this!


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