MSN Messenger 8.0 Beta Invites

I have MSN Messenger 8.0 Beta Invites if anyone would like one. MSN must think I have like 80 people on my list as I get like 5 more invites every 3 days, and I think I have given one out to pretty much everyone on my list that ever comes online. Just drop a comment here with your hotmail/msn messenger address if you would like one.

you dont need an invite anymore, go here instead

By Steve Novoselac

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please i would really appreciate if you can send me an invite for msn Beta plz and once again please dont forget me and please send me an invite as me and my brother are in a search for it. have a goooood day.


Can I have an invite for this superb messenger.. i really wanna use it badly πŸ™‚ well dun confuse it with gmail.. its registered with passport πŸ™‚ thanx