Revenge on Numlock!

Well, since I didnt want to page the IT Department, instead, I just wrote a program to handle my problem. Code around IT I always say. .NET 2.0, created a small program to watch keyboard strokes, and if NumLock is on, put a systray icon down there, lime green with a big N. Set it up to run when I login, so I should be good to go. The code is not pretty at all, so I’m not going to post it, but if someone wants to see, let me know and I will share, maybe you can even improve it 🙂

6 thoughts on “Revenge on Numlock!

  1. heh, duh…. didnt think about that, but yeah, Im not exactly sure how to tell if it’s docked or not, my first guess would be there is some registry setting or something. I will look into it 🙂


  2. actually early this morning I think I found the way to know if it is docked – using WMI.

    Select * from Win32_SystemEnclosure

    If I just get a 10 back, then its not docked. If I get a 10, then a 12, its a laptop that is docked, I will probably incorprate this into my program.


  3. yeah, kind of PITA to hook into that in c# though, Im thinking I will just shell out and call this

    wmic SystemEnclosure get ChassisTypes

    and if i see a just a 10, and no 12, then disable 🙂


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