Oblivion – Beat the Main Quest

Well, last night I beat the main quest on Oblivion – The Elder Scrolls. I’m a dark elf, level 21. Im about 80 hours dumped into the game, and I am sure there is a ton more I can do, I still have to finish off the fighters and theives guilds, and some other quests. I would have to say, it is one of the best games I have ever played, if not the best. It is like a suped up LORD – that I used to play like 15 years ago on my 2400 baud modem on BBS’s. The thing is, I could beat all the quests, and start over as a different player, and choose a totally different route, which kind of reminds me of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books I used to read as kid (Indiana Jones mostly). I can’t wait for the next incarnation of the game to come out (if it even is, I am not sure). Where is everyone else who plays it? Seems that everyone I talk to either hates it, doesn’t play it, or is totally in love with it.

By Steve Novoselac

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I was totally in love with it, but after about 140 hours, I had beaten every quest I could find (that didn’t have glitches in them). I tried replaying as a different class, but it was the same quests regardless, so not as much fun.


i am in a bad spot in the main quest. I have played quite a bit becoming the head of a few guilds and comepleting a large majority of the side quests I comepleted most of these things without starting the main quest. My problem is that, through my game time i stumbled on to the main quest and unwittingly finshed a part of the main quest and now that i have beat this part i can’t go any further in this quest. Early in the game i shut the first oblvion gate and cleared kavatch and receved the cavach armor. In the main quest i am looking for the decendent of the king whom is suposidly a monk but that dam guard who gave me the armor and resides in the ruins of the castle wont tell me any thing except that Kavatch will be rebuilt. So what i was hoping is that someone could tell me if there is a way to bypass this or where this decent of the king is at or worse case i’m screwed and i have to start all over.


Well, how did you beat Kvatch withouth finding Martin? In the chruch at the beginning of Kvatch, Martin is there and you need to talk to him. He won’t come with you until you save Kvatch. Once that is done, go back and he will come with you.


I would say I completed about 60% of all the side quests along with the main quest. I put in about 27 hours of game time. This game rocks, the only thing is that I don’t know how to get a pet in the game.


well this could be a real problem or a simple miss understanding i too enjoy this game i have over 47 hours of game play and im 12 years old ive had the game 3 days so yeah. well anyways theres a curvey path (excuse my spelling errors) below Kvatch just go to Kvatch and there should be a camp all survivors are at and talk to them there or you have to find the king unless youve done that. But i could be behind and you could be ahead of me i myself am on the part of the main quest where you have to kill the vampires and i have no torches in the dungon and im roughley 80% into it so im really in bad shape any clues on how to get a tourch INSIDE A CAVE WITH NO WAY OUT!


In blood of the divines in the main quest after i kill the blade and he talks to me he wont go through the door has anybody else had this problem? what do i do?!!!!!!


i didnt even beat kvatch im lvl 21 and i still cant beat it i have to face a bunch of storm atronachs its rediculous


If the difficulty is too hard then pause the game, go to options, and turn down the difficulty… I was having a hard time in the main quest and i figured it would only get worse as I level up, so i just turned down the difficulty. I beat the game last night at level 21.

Austin, if the game is too dark, you can go in the game options and turn the brightness to max. You can also turn up the brightness on your tv. I never used a tourch and i eventually found some ebony boots that gave me Detect Life up to 85 feet.

Steve, I also did not find martin in the church. After I finished the Kvatch quest, I checked the camp where all the villagers had gone. Martin is there in a blueish-grey robe.


i have the same problem it telling me the the gurad talking about brebuilding the city is the guys son and the lady in the chapel says martin is dead


I’m about to beat the main quest. I just finished “The Great Gate” and am on my way to “Paradise”. I’ve finished about half of the quests for all the factions except The Dark Brotherhood which is finished (because it was the most fun). I agree, it is the greatest game I’ve ever played. Since I bought the game I’ve become a shut-in lol. If I’m not sleeping or working I’m playing this game. And btw Elder Scrolls 5 is coming out on 11/11/11. It’s called Skyrim. OOOOOO I can’t wait! lol


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