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Itunes Doesnt Work On Vista

Well, last week I read all over the web, that the Zune didn’t work on Vista. Well, the Zune just came out last week, but Ipods have been around for years, and guess what. Itunes doesn’t work on Vista!!! Well, it runs. It tries. But it croaks – hardcore. First, it doesn’t support Aero (Glass) – second, I try to do a search for anything, and wham, it dies. I can’t sync my Ipod!! I guess I can always install MediaMonkey again. Thing that irks me the most is, I like WMP. I griped recently about WMP11, but I like it better than Itunes. Why can’t Microsoft/Apple/3rd Party make my Ipod sync with WMP. WTF? Why make it harder for consumers to use your products. I hate Itunes, always will, unless they make it better than WMP. Anyways, thats my gripe for the night, and I guess my Ipod will have to be happy with old music on it 🙂

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

2 replies on “Itunes Doesnt Work On Vista”

If you ask me, iTunes doesn’t work on Windows period. I’ve yet to see Apple software that works as a Windows user would expect on Windows ever; iTunes included. It’s why I refuse to install QuickTime on my PC for any reason.


iTunes has been broken on XP too for awhile. I recently wrote about my experience in installing Vista and finding iTunes problematic with UAC:

Ugh. I’m going to make another blog post soon about how the syncing is ridiculously slow. It was bad in XP for me (taking 5+ minutes) but on Vista, it takes like 30. And I think it’s a bug in their software.. looking at the raw disk accesses via SysInternal’s Process Monitor, I see a ton of “Fast IO Disallowed” requests, which I think mean iTunes is requesting a specific type of file access to your movies/music, and Windows is saying “nope, sorry” for some reason.

Also, would it hurt them to actually code a seperate GUI for Windows? Now that Vista is out, they could totally use WPF to do all their spiffy effects and redraws.


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