Well, Friday was the anniversary of John Lennon’s death. He is still missed. It makes you wonder what he would be doing right now if he was still around. Fighting for peace. I have the mp3 of Imagine up from last year, but it’s on guitar. I have played the song on piano, but the music I have incorporates the lyrics and stuff in the upper clef (I hate that!!) – Anyways, this weekend I took some time and actually figured it out the right way. I recorded it, but my voice is really bad (sick), so I’m not posting it. Maybe I’ll re-record it once I can actually sing. I think I have played the song on piano about 100 times this weekend – and going through it, really learning the lyrics correctly. I think you just listen to the lyrics, they make sense.

1) Live for today – don’t worry about where you are going to go when you die – take a hold of today.

2) No borders – just think if we didn’t have countries, or we just actually lived together as “the earth” – you take away something to fight about.

3) Greed, hunger, religion – lumped together – corporations that could be making food, instead worry about their pockets, too many hungry people in the world. And religion, supposedly the savior of all, doesn’t really help, but give a false sense of happiness – in my opinion it causes far too much violence and hate to be worth much. And with fighting, if you take away religion, its one less thing for people to fight about.

4) Possessions – materialistic society – we are judged by how big our house is, or how nice our car is, or how many things we own- not by our achievements or other things we have (love, compassion, giving, caring, etc) – also, back to the fighting, if you take away allot of the materialistic things, one less thing to fight about. No one should own the rivers, lakes, woods, air, etc

5) And now, you might say I’m a dreamer – yeah, there will be the people that say, well if you take away all those things, then people will just find other things to argue about. Right, but I’d rather see people arguing/debating about healthcare, well being, human rights – not things that we fight about now. Let’s see a war on injustice instead of a war on terror. Take away the things to fight about, and there should be less fighting. We should be able to see eye to eye on things, debate and talk about them in a civilized manner, without violence.

6) I hope someday you will join us – yeah you – there are too many people who don’t even think about these kinds of things. They are too involved in reality TV, instead of plain old reality. Governments should worry more about how their citizens are doing than building bombs.

Well, that’s my take on it anyways. The lyrics have a pretty good meaning. Just a great song. I think even in 25 years, John will still be missed, because unless there is some radical changes, I don’t see society getting any better.

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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