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Saturday Night, Pioneer Place, Blogging

Last night, a friend and I headed out around Central MN, we ended up going to the Pioneer Place, which both of us have heard of, but never ventured into. It is a theatre, that has a little bar in it. Almost feels like a “nice” house party. There was some guys playing acoustic guitar and piano. Very laid back, no smoking (yes!) and just a cool atmosphere.

It is kind of funny, because earlier in the night we talked about going to see Amadeus which is playing there right now. Obviously we needed tickets, but we just weren’t thinking.

Anyways, I recognized one of the guys up on the little stage, the piano/harmonica player. Earlier this week I was getting made fun of #1 because “blogging” was on the front page of the St. Cloud Times, and #2, because I didn’t make the article šŸ™‚ – anyways, I read the article and it covers the blogging life of Jeff Lee, who run’s a blog called “View from the Cloud

I snapped a picture of them playing, sounded really good too. Something I could see myself doing if only I could find someone to play with šŸ˜›

Jeff Lee at Pioneer Place

I’ve been doing alot of blogging lately, and really started a few years back, but I never really got into the St. Cloud blogging scene. Seems that SCSU Scholars just wasn’t my type of read. I’m more into technical blogs, and also friends that keep their blogs up to date [everyone is a blogger! – one post and gone for a year :)]. I’ll probably subscribe to Jeff’s blog now that I have met him, so that is kind of cool.

In any event, I think I’ll probably be hanging out at the Pioneer Place more often. I’m pretty sure they have Wi-Fi too. What I need to do is drive around and find all the hot spots, or, I could just buck up and pay the extra $ to have my phone (Pocket PC 6700, which BTW, I probably have sold more of them than salespeople at Sprint – I think I probably sold 2 last night just showing mine off) as a modem, which I just might have to do.

Fun times, as usual šŸ™‚

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

4 replies on “Saturday Night, Pioneer Place, Blogging”

Hey Steve –

It was fun talking with you last night. I have a feeling we could easily sit and BS for hours. Please do stop by and catch us again sometime. My band The Receders is at the 400 Club in Pleasant Lake next Saturday too.

Cool – I always enjoy meeting fellow bloggers. I’ll put you on my RSS. See ya around!


Are you kidding me? You just made it? I have been telling you about that place for a long time!

Im just coming back from the cabin and have tbe BlackBerry hooked up to the laptop and catching up.

Glad you liked it!

I dont know if you had a chance to talk to Nick and Mark, but they rock! That place rocks! Its like going to your friends place for a beer – it rocks!

Jeff, dont think that I know you but have a feeling if we can get Steve to the PP more I will be introduced.

Any to every guy that has made it to the PP, the King rocks! AH HAH HA!

Julia, thanks for the hook up on this place! This is a MUST GO in St Cloud MN.


Kle – I have to agree with you – on all points. Nick and Mark are awesome. We’ve been playing there for about 6 months now and it is by far our favorite place to chill. Hope to see you there as well someday too!

Oh yeah, and long live the King!


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