Category and Tag Crazy

Well, I did some cleanup tonight. I deleted all my categories. I had way too many, like 400. And it was goofing up some things. I will probably find some auto technorati tag generator instead of using categories. I will probably try to limit my categories to 10 to 15 at most. The list was huge!! Took me a while to get it cleaned up. In the process, I was trying to find some plugins to do the dirty work, found a few that didn’t seem to work exactly how I wanted. One thing, I couldn’t find a single plugin to “delete all categories”. Weird.

Rule #1 of blogging – tag/categorize your posts!! And now my blog is totally uncategorized. Probably totally screwed my search engine status on things, but oh well, life goes on, and I couldn’t stand the huge list of categories I had going on.

BTW, I changed my theme again, some reason my new one got jacked , the sidebar was messed, and I kind of like this new theme.

BTW2, I am writing this from Windows Live Writer. I had a post up previously, but thought that was the culprit of the sidebar jackedupness so I deleted it (rule #2 of blogging, don’t delete posts :)) – Anyways, I deleted another post from a while ago I didn’t with Word 2007, since the timestamp was 1969, and I couldn’t change it for some reason, and since my dad was a few years out of high school in 1969, I don’t think I would be blogging that year…well, maybe if was born I would have been 🙂


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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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