More Blog and Site Cleanup

Wow, when I get started, I get going.

Cleaned up old posts that were linking to images on my site, and uploaded the pictures to the posts themselves.

Created sub pages on my blog to match the pages I had on

Right now, all I have on stevienova is my music that I recorded, and some images that I use for other places I have stuff (myspace backgrounds, etc)

I think I am just going to use for any ASP.NET web applications that I write or want to prototype, etc.

Back when I converted to ASP.NET (Nov 2005), There wasn’t a Web Application option, just Web Site, so my site was all jacked with precompiled assemblies and what not. Just decided to blow it away and clean it up.

And another thing, I had the style sheet from my old blog on those pages. By making sub pages under my blog, they just inherit my current blog theme – talk about easy.

Now, I just need to redirect 404’s to my blog, but my control panel is being a pain, so that is the next thing.

Last night I played around with a blog widget to actually play My Music as a radio station on the blog sidebar, but I wasn’t liking it, so I decided not to put that up.

And now that I have everything “configured” how I like it, what did I do? A backup of course, using the method I blogged about a couple days ago. 🙂


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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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