Can you be too Web 2.0?

Can a site be “too much” Web 2.0? I think so, yes.

I am heading out for the airport here shortly, Seattle, WA, then Portland, OR. I want to create an online trip to upload photos, track things, and there are a few Web 2.0 sites out there, TripWiser, TripTie, TripHub, TripMates, Matador. Of all these sites, I didn’t find one that I particularly liked, so I don?t know what I will do yet, but anyways..

TripWiser – Nice look, seems snazzy. Web 2.0’ish, Ajaxy, the whole nine yards. Thing is, I think they are going overboard on the 2.0 stuff. One thing that struck out with me is, their Ajax is slow. Also, on search results, I could never get past the 1st page!! Something with JavaScript/Ajax I assume.

Should sites give you an option for a “Web 1.0” look, that they can promise will work? One other thing I have noticed on sites is, some stuff works in IE, some in FF, and vice versa. If you want to deliver the best solution to the most people, you better make sure it works in both!

Cut back on the Ajax, get it working first, then tweak it, or make an option to turn on the Ajaxiness. Windows Live Hotmail is kind of doing this. Classic View, and New View. Good idea.

Well, I can always track my trip in notepad, and My Pictures folder 🙂


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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

4 replies on “Can you be too Web 2.0?”

Stevie – Try a site called (I’m in!). They are going to be adding more good stuff soon, however, they have an interesting ‘group page’ that prominently displays images and doesn’t over do it on the ajax stuff…


Hello, just wanted to thank you for your feedback. It is very important to us to know what people think of our site. The site was launched just a few days ago, we are still in beta, which means that we are in the process of collecting feedback and fixing all the issues. Please do come back to our site in a few weeks, I want to know what you’ll think then. And again, thanks for taking the time.


I actually tried TripWiser and planned a couple of trips on it already – and did not run into the issues mentioned above. It’s very slick and the fact that you can print out a complete hour-by-hour itierary at the end is a great feature.


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