No, I did not sign the VB6 petition

VB6, ahh how we love it. Wait, no we don’t. No, no, no. Hate VB6. – sorry you got a bad rap because you were named after your great grandpa VB6.

VB6 sucks!

I had to code for a while in VB6, and yeah you can get things done, but it just seems archaic, with no OOP, etc. VB.NET doesn’t really do the name justice, It is sad that people still debate that VB.NET isn’t a full fledged language for developing applications. To me, C# and VB.NET are like, US English and Great Britain English, not very different.

But yeah, I don’t want VB (or VBA for that matter) sticking around any longer than it needs to. I wish we could live in a fully managed world 🙂

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

2 replies on “No, I did not sign the VB6 petition”

Heh, VB6 was good for its time. But it’s time is past. It’s got some OOP, but it was all just bolted on after the fact, which makes for a very strange system. .NET is really nice because it was designed as a set — I’m sure in 10 years, it’ll look just as bad as VB6 does now.

Yay progress!


VB6 was the most productive development tool for its time, had the largest developer base of ANY language, is still in wide use almost 10 years after its release (and five years after it was replaced by VB.NET), and if offered for sale by Microsoft today, would almost certainly outsell VB.NET.

While VB.NET is a nice (and better) language than VB6 in many ways, it is not nearly as approchable as VB6 is/was for first-time and part-time coders, and is designed for corporate development/collaborative teams — and is not the tool of choice for one-man shops, not to mention the huge framework, lack of real protection for intellectual property, and deployment headaches.

Bu I think, if you want to code in OO, why not just use C# – its cleaner and more polished of a language. Did they really need to kill VB6 — I guess that’s the only way to get people to upgrade to, since VB6 is still ‘good enough’ for just about anything, and there are hundreds of millions of lines of code written in it, and is perhaps the most widely Internet-Community-Supported software that ever lived.

For me, I have been steadily moving to online application development in PHP.


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