Mount Hood, Oregon – Afternoon Trip

Mt. Hood 06-14-2007 002

Yesterday me and Emily went for a drive after work out to Mount Hood, Oregon just to see the sights. I always hear “Mount Hood this, and Mount Hood that” from everyone around here because you can see it from the city, but up until yesterday I could never see it because it wasn’t a totally clear day. Well I finally saw it driving around so that was cool, but then we took off to get up close.

On the way out, the elevation is posted on the road. 1000 ft, then like 2 miles later, 1500, then 2000, 3000, up, up. Pretty crazy. Once we got to the bottom of the summit, there is a hotel/lodge/museum/bar-restaurant thingy, so we went there, man, walking around in the parking lot I kind of felt dizzy. Not sure if it was the thin air, or just some crazy sense of vertigo.

Then we cruised to Hood River, OR, which on the way we stopped to take some pics of the Hood River. Stopped at some Brew Pub (so many of them here – I think my IPA was 8.0% booze!) which was good, and split in pool (next time, no mercy!!)

Pictures Here:

Small vid of the river here:


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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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