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iPhone. iDontGetIt

The iPhone. Ok, I finally got to play with one – thanks Mickey. It is pretty cool, but still. Windows Mobile can do everything plus more than the iPhone can, so why aren’t the fanboi’s wetting themselves over Windows Mobile devices? Why aren’t companies like SmugMug, 37Signals, Digg, etc making specific versions just for Windows Mobile? Windows Mobile has been out for many many years. It can do portrait, and landscape. It can do video, music, and maps. It can do SMS, email, web, photos, GPS (via Bluetooth) and more. Why isn’t anyone doing anything about that? What is so great about the iPhone? Because really, you have to use iTunes? iTunes blows. It really does. I swear it has to be the most poorly developed application out there for Windows, with Quicktime a close second (Ballman back me up here) 

It is funny when all of sudden, all these people are discovering you can actually do things on your mobile phone, where Windows Mobile users have know this for years. The biggest difference is that I can develop an application in an afternoon using the .NET compact framework for my Windows Mobile, that actually INSTALLS on the device, and has access to EVERYTHING (file system, registry, innards of the OS – and if I go the C++ route, even more so!). On the iPhone I can make a web app – whoo hoo! Big deal, there are tons of web pages that I can access on my Windows Mobile device. And with sites like, I can get them to render, somewhat well.

One other HUGE dealbreaker here is this: I can hook my Windows Mobile device up to my laptop, and boom – I have a modem. Can you do that with the iPhone?

I listened to the naysayers before it came out. The flip-floppers.  What were they thinking? 2 year contract? at&t – the worst of the worst. But they say “its an iPod” – wait a minute, iPods sucks too…why? because you have to (unless you are uber geek) sync them with iTunes!!! Oh wait – its multitouch!! – ok, that is about the only thing it has going for it. That isn’t something so groundbreaking that I am going to switch from my T-Mobile Dash smartphone for.

I just wish companies/developers would realize that there is a huge market out there for Windows Mobile – why don’t you develop specific apps just for that? Why why why! I ask you??!?! The iPhone is $300 a sale more into Apple’s bank account, for no real reason. It is locked down. It is like a TV that will only play CSPAN. Come on guys, open up to Windows Mobile. I usually tell people – ask me what I CAN’T do on my Windows Mobile device. I haven’t found a good answer to that yet.

Why would all these tech enthusiasts, total geeks, etc, totally be in love with a device which is just crippled, and not open? It is just limited in so many ways, I just don’t get it.


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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

8 replies on “iPhone. iDontGetIt”

Finally I see someone ranting about all of this iPhone Bullshit. The only reason everyone got so excited about it is because it is an Apple product. Apple has protected its hype/media machine. Death to the iPhone!


Heh, I’d express my true thoughts about the iPhone, but I think the Apple crowd already hates me enough.

Basic premise: the iPhone has no new technologies in it, really — and the user experience has some major (dangerous) bugs in it. I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy one.


“It is locked down. It is like a TV that will only play CSPAN”
Dude, CSPAN rocks. I know you’re bent outta shape over this phone, but don’t drag quality TV programming into this.


Look, I have used Windows Mobile devices WM2003. I love Windows Mobile and have been a huge booster for it. But it is a totally, 100% stagnant OS. The improvements since 2003 have been minimal and extremely disappointing. And don’t get me started about Pocket IE (yeah, I’ve used Opera too).

The iPhone is something different and new and it shows that people really value good UI and integration. And fewer features is not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, you might not value that stuff, and that’s OK. It’s a big market.

One final thought, just consider that this is the first generation of hardware and first release of the software. This is Apple’s PocketPC 2002– and it’s a great showing.


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