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IT Disaster Recovery, what the I-35W Bridge Collapse shows us

Now, I am from Minnesota originally. I drove over that bridge 3 days before it collapsed. It sucks, its a bad thing for the state, for the people involved, and for everyone who passed or is injured. It is a very sad situation that no one should have to go through.

What does the bridge collapsing have to do with IT? Well. It is a disaster. And like IT disaster scenarios, it gets the same “Oh my god we need to fix this” after the fact treatment.

MN Gov. Pawlenty announced an immediate emergency round of inspections of all of the state’s bridges, starting with the three that have the same structure as the crumbled Minneapolis span. Other Gov’s are having their bridges inspected in their states. People are running around going crazy about inspecting bridges that 3 days ago they could care less about. – What gives?

Really? Lets do something after the fact. The bottom line is that these kind of action plans should have been set up beforehand. Just like in IT. Backups is a good example. No one says or does anything or wants to spend any money on backups. Then one day, the server crashes and everyone loses their files and email. I will bet money the next day there is a huge budget and people running around like idiots getting a backup plan in action.

Where were those people before hand? We know that stuff needs to be backed up. We know that bridges need to be inspected. WTF are we doing? If we know the possible problems, and we know how we can prevent them, then why do we let things slide. Where is the accountability?

The government needs to step up. People that are leaders/decision makers need to step up. And if something does go awry, they need to take responsibility for what happened. Wether it is a bridge that fell, or a server that crashed, or any other disaster scenario.

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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