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Social Network Overload

Today I decided to get rid of some of the Social Network Overload. I deleted my twitter, pownce, mashable accounts. I went to Myspace and Facebook and got rid of people that were just creating too much noise and not enough value, or that I really didn’t know. I am sure there is more I could do, but that is a good first step.

Basically the main social networks I use:


MySpace (for family)



others I have but really don’t utilize –, pandora, wakoopa, linkedIN, and I am sure there are others…

I wish I could combine into just one site easily. Same with contacts. I cleared out some IM contacts I have never talked to in a few years, as well as email/phone contacts. Was just getting too much to organize.

Still searching for the “holy grail” of simplicity in organization, with digital media, online/social networks, and contacts, etc… maybe some day.

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

6 replies on “Social Network Overload”

Hi Steve,

Thanks for keeping us on your list of social networks you use. While we’re not buying beer we can send you some Geni stuff. Please send your address to the private email address we’ve left for you.


i just did that with Myspace and deactivated Facebook. i don’t have too much energy for the other networks. plus it does get too busy at times. i’m still liking Twitter so far 🙂


Hey so since you are so overwhelmed by social networks but you still have quite a few, you should check out Fuser. And, to make your life less complicated(digitally speaking) you should get the facebook application that gives you a separate wall on your facbeook page to display myspace messages. Let me know what you think about this!


awesome well let me know how you like fuser and that facebook app i told you about. I kinda write about the same stuff on my blog ( and i love to hear other peoples opinions


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