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MacBook Battery X Problem

The other day I turned on my MacBook (thanks Reena! – still waiting for the “real” power charger…) and noticed the battery had a black X in it. I had it plugged in, it wasn’t charging. I unplugged it, and the MacBook shut down. Dang.

I unseated the battery, put it back in, and plugged it in, tried again. Same thing.

I did some digging on Apple’s site..

I tried Resetting MacBook and MacBook Pro System Management Controller (SMC) .   That didn’t work. They talk about battery update 1.2 (which I already had) was supposed to fix this problem, so that wouldn’t be the issue.

I then found another link,

Looks like the jackpot. Free battery replacement outside of warranty for this issue. Looks like I am heading to the Apple store in the West Towne Mall, to see if they actually go for it. I am going to print off the page and see.

Update: I went to the apple store, and signed up for the genius bar. They had a wait, the guy was like ” why don’t you sit through the iPhone getting started training. Ok I said, what a joke..  But as far as the battery, I got a new one for free. She was like “let it drain once a month” – which is what caused the problem in the first place, ugh

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By Steve Novoselac

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