My Current iPhone Setup – Lots of Cool Apps Out Lately

In the last couple of weeks, many cool new iPhone native apps have come out, so I have been tricking out my iPhone lately.

First, Aqwoah Battery is really cool. It changes the generic battery screen to what you see here. The percent that your battery is charged, a no brainer!

iPhone Screen 0

Next, my first screen, you can see I have custom theme (I am currently running Aqwoah theme). The generic apps, SMS Through Settings are there, then I added the “Contacts” button. Reader and Facebook are web clips, and then Twinkle is a cool new twitter client that just came out

iPhone Screen 1

On the second screen, I have iFlickr (to upload directly to flickr while taking a pic), Installer (a must have – this is how you get all the native apps!), iTunes (blech), VNSea client, Meebo (web clip), MobileScrobbler (Last.FM Client, streams music), Services -(to shut off/on wifi, bluetooth, ssh), iFlix (netflix client), ShowTime (record video), Pownce, Twitter, Leaflets, LinkedIn, Plaxo Pulse, Wikipedia (all web clips) and then Wallpaper (lets you see shared wallpaper and download it, and share your own)

iPhone Screen 2

And here is screen 3, Flickr (web clip), iXboxLive (lets me see my xbox 360 friends status, etc), delicious (web clip), TimeCapsule (backup apps), Snapture (totally cool camera app), MyExample (my app I made!, my sandbox), fring (voip/IM client), SMBPrefs (SummerBoard – lets you theme everything).

iPhone Screen 3

And at the bottom you can see the 4 default icons that are there, phone, mail, safari, iPod.

I dont have too many apps installed, but some good ones, and it seems that it just keeps getting better. Now that I can make apps for this, it opens up doors as well. Hopefully the official SDK makes this even better

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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