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4 years Blogging

Four years ago, I started this blog. It was on blogspot, and then migrated to wordpress on HostMySite, then moved to my own server, but all the posts are here. I have had many different themes and it actually is fun to look back on posts and see what I was doing at the time.

You can look back and see when I was at Cell 2000, then went to W3i. You can see the jump from ASP Classic, VB.NET to C#, ASP.NET, from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005, from C# to C++, then to Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, and littererd in between with all the gadgets, vacations, photos, politics, fun, random tidbits over the last four years. Music I have recorded, videos too. Just everything. Nostalgic.

I started reading blogs about 2-3 years before I started actually blogging, so that is kind of my time line there. Right now I subscribe to roughtly 350 feeds (My Google Reader see’s a lot of j, j, j ,j, shit+s, s, j, j, j). Newer mediums come in and go. Twitter is one. I use twitter somewhat, but not as much as others. FriendFeed is a new one too. Pownce is good for sharing files. But none come close the full blown blog. I have gotten many friends and colleagues to start blogging, some keep it up, some don’t some come and go. It would be nice to have a “blogging buddy”, but I haven’t found that yet. Maybe in the next 4 years.

People ask me “why don’t you have multiple blogs? One for tech, one for personal, one for XYZ”. Well my answer to that is, this is my blog. This is me. I am all these things. I am music, I am tech, I am gadgets, I am geeky, I am politics, I am random stuff I like. That is me, this is my blog. It is fun for me to do, and once it stops being fun, then I will stop doing it.

I know recently my blogging has been less often, and I attribute that to my 2+ hour commute (even more now with flood detouring! yikes!), but that will change as I get different consulting gigs. I will be introduced to different technologis, different industries and it will get my mind swirling with things to blog about. – Some things are just small snippets that are almost good for Twitter. Like, did you know Excel 2007 lets you have more than 65,000 rows and 256 columns? I didn’t know till today. Not big enough for a blog, but a tweet…

We will see where the next 4 years leads me. I have been from St. Cloud, to Portland, now to Madison. My 10 year high school reunion is coming up in the next few weeks. Funny how time flies so much. Big, fun things to come. Can’t wait.

Fun stuff, and hopefully I get four more!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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