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Sorry State Of My Blogroll

Doing some “Fall Cleanup” type stuff, I decided to hit the links in my BlogRoll to see the last time some of them have been updated. Boy, surprised me.

What happened? I don’t know, but the state of most of my buddies blogs is in total neglect.

  • Aaron Ballman – updates regularly, really techie, mostly Real Basic stuff (Last post Sept 26th)
  • Aaron Weber – updates sometimes, some good content (Last post Sept 16th)
  • Adam Rudolph – updates sometimes – but his feed was jacked for the longest time (Last post Sept 8th)
  • Bill Zitomer – started off good and fell off (Last post Feb 16th)
  • Brad Gocken – totally ghandi (Last post Nov 7th 2007)
  • Brye Weis – blogspot site shut down – removed him, yikes
  • Chris Super – was going strong, but..was twittering strong for a while (Last post June 13th)
  • Chris Super Personal – pretty much done (Last post April 14th 2008)
  • Jeff Bollinger – site was down, he didn’t know, fixed now, but pretty much gone (Last post June 13th)
  • Jennifer Dammann – was going strong, neglected (Last post May 19th)
  • Joe Gay – a few posts and nothing (Last post Apr 28th)
  • Joel Dahlin – good stuff every once in a while (Last post July 30th)
  • Jon Shern – good stuff every now and then (Last: post Sept 4th)
  • Kyle Ohme – post every now and then – hey Kyle, your site is down now, and when it isn’t it is slow, and the text formatting is goofy – Last (unsure, cant get to site)
  • Michael Fransen – good quality stuff, in spurts 🙂 (Last post Aug 21st)
  • Mickey Slater – brand new endeavor, good content (Last post Sept 23rd)
  • Reena – cant seem to pick a blog engine!! (Last post Jul 10th)

So there you have it, my blog roll.. most of them havent updated in months. What gives guys? I’m sure everyone has SOMETHING they can blog about. I know I don’t update that often, and I should post more, but some of you (Gocken?) are almost hitting a year with no updates!! let your knowledge out on the world, keep us up to date! I like to give the link love, but give me some content in return, something so we can have a conversation on this blogosphere of ours.

And feel free to get on my case when I don’t update 🙂

P.S. – if any of my friends reading this have a blog I don’t know about, let me know, I will subscribe and add you to the blog roll. But maybe if you update often you might not want me to add you, it seems to be a curse of blog neglect once you make the list – Mickey, don’t let the curse get you!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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