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Apple Time Capsule Rocks – Microsoft needs to make one.

Since I make a living and love working on Windows, SQL, Windows Server, Office, Exchange, etc, it is kind of weird I am a Mac guy. Never thought it would happen. iPhone, Mac, Macbook Pro, Apple TV, Time Capsule, accessories…

Anyways, since Ella was born, I have TONS of pics and videos of her, on my laptop. And it auto backs up to my Apple Time Capsule. Well, iMovie auto imports videos from iPhoto, and then removes them? I am not sure, but long story short, I was missing some videos from when we got home from the hospital.

So what do I do? Freak out? No.. just fire up the Time Machine on my Mac, go back to February, and there is my iPhoto Library, I restore it, and get the videos back.

Now, I just need to offload it offsite someone, there is MacMini Colo – Transport – which looks promising, just a little too much $$, but maybe my next step.

But really, Windows needs this. We have a few Windows machines here at home, and I just feel like, umm, stuff is volatile. Thank god for flickr..that is all I have to say. I know there is Windows Home Server, but that is another BOX and updates, and whatever. I just want a device, a dumb device. I know I can get NAS and whatever, but I just want simple. Where is the Microsoft Time Capsule?

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

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If you need to make backup copies on an external disk (or even on CD or DVD collection), you can use Windows Backup on Windows XP (see ) or Windows Backup and Restore Center (see ) on Windows Vista or newer. On Windows XP you need to schedule the backups manually (with Task Scheduler), on Vista, the wizard does give you a choice of setting up scheduled incremental backups.


you could use windows backup yes. but it just doesnt “work” like a time capsule. I have used vista complete backup, problem was, when I went to restore the full pc backup, it never would correctly. Also with Time Capsule I can get to my data remotely, built right in. And its a Wirless N router, and a printer sharing (or whatever USB device) out of the box. You can’t do that without another Windows box in the Microsoft realm, or a few other devices to make it the same as what Time Capsule does.


I am always having to manually back up my data.
A Microsoft Time Capsule could have been really handy a few months ago when I lost my external hard drive, R.I.P!


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