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Excel 2003-2007 Assistant. NO EXCUSES to not upgrade!

Last week, the Business Analyst at work sent me a link, Office 2003/2007 Assistant

What the link will show you is the differences in commands between Excel 2003 and 2007, so users can learn how to do things with the Ribbon.

Excel 2007 really should be used when hitting SQL 2005+ OLAP Cubes, but companies are reluctant to upgrade because of the “jolt” of learning the Ribbon. Not anymore, with that assistant you can find out how to do anything you could in 2003 (not just with PivotTables – with anything)

What this means, is that there are NO MORE EXCUSES to not upgrade to 2007. Hey, with Office 2010 around the corner – March 2010, you better get ready for it, and there no time like now to upgrade from 2003!

By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

2 replies on “Excel 2003-2007 Assistant. NO EXCUSES to not upgrade!”

No more excuses? How about things that don't work?Recording a macro related to charts – broken.Working with large data sets (large meaning small enough for Excel 2003) – slow, especially if you are charting large data sets.Did you notice that even after you learn where everything is in the 2007 ribbon, everything still takes longer? More mouse clicks are required, more mouse movement.Did you migrate existing Excel VBA programs to 2007? 99% of the VBA works the same, but a small fraction of commands work differently. Sometimes it's inconsequential to the final output, like a formerly optional argument is now required. But this still requires testing, fixing, and testing the fixes. Sometimes the changes are much larger, and you need to spend days to work out new procedures.So far, it seems that the 2010 version will address many of these issues. Not the inefficiency of the interface, but macro recording of charts now works, large data sets do not choke Excel, and some VBA has been corrected. Skip 2007 and wait for 2010.


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