Sent from my iPhone/iPad

Mini rant. Too much to write in one tweet. To everyone out there who has an iPhone (and now iPad): Do you not realize that even if you go into your mail settings, and remove the signature that will add

“Sent from my iPhone”

that we still know you sent it from your iPhone (mostly). Example: Outlook. Default now in Outlook is Calibri size 11 and black/blue for to and reply. And then we know you have have an iPhone, and we know you aren’t on your laptop 24/7, and then we receive an email that has jacked up all the formatting in Outlook and you are sending it with Times New Roman (or whatever font it comes in as) and it looks just an email that would have “Sent from my iPhone” at the end, yet that isn’t there.

Who are you trying to fool? Do you think we don’t know you are on your phone? Why care about letting us know – there is nothing “wrong” with sending an email from your iPhone. It might even make us think, “hey, so and so is working from their phone – so I won’t attach a 20 MB PDF back, or maybe I will give them a quick shout back, etc.

To all of those out there that removed the signature… why? And if you have, I think you should put it back!


By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

One reply on “Sent from my iPhone/iPad”

Maybe this is a cultural US – UK thing? With my rose tinted glasses here's how I see it. Back in the day when they came out, someone receives an email with “Sent from my iPhone”:US reaction- “Wow, you've got an iPhone, that's awesome! Well done you, I'm super stoked for you.”UK reaction- “So you've got an iPhone have you, well check you. What have you done to deserve that, you're just trying to be cool and wasting your money. I hope you drop and smash it, or someone steals it, and if so then serves you right for getting it in the first place”.The arrival of the iPad has reawakened this – people remove the “Sent from” as the ones who have left it on are regarded as show offs.Then on the flip side I thought the message was there as:1) subtle marketing from the phone manufacturer,2) to allow people to make whatever typing mistakes they liked and blame it on the fact that their fingers were too fat for a small phone keyboard,3) so people could show they work all the time, even when out socially and not near their laptop.For sure maybe I'm generalising (and more than just a touch), but I think there's an element of truth there somewhere… maybe… 🙂


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