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Google TV

Basic review here. Setup was easy. Software ok. Browsing web is cool. If you don’t have cable you are somewhat out of luck. You need an hdmi source to do the more cool things like search and watch “TV” at the same time.

Interested in where it will go with honeycomb. As of now it’s a glorified Netflix, Amazon video, YouTube player. Comparable to Roku. I’d say apple tv beats it by a mile, especially if you’ve bought into the apple ecosystem with iOS and iTunes, etc

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By Steve Novoselac

Director of Digital Technology @TrekBikes, Father, Musician, Cyclist, Homebrewer

3 replies on “Google TV”

Steve, any issues getting blocked by major websites, especially online TV channels?  I heard they were blocking the Google TV soon after it was released and you had to modify browser user-agent and flash player to get around it.


I just set mine up tonight and am posting on it right now. I REALLY dig it. While I like the features you mention above, for me it’s the best way to consume RSS video feeds. I think if you enjoy TED Talks, Revision3, or any other video source on the net, you’ll fall in love with this device. I’m let down at the blocking from ABC, NBC and CBS but I don’t care much for those sites. I tried a custom user agent on CBS to no available. It seems that they might be employing more advance methods of discovery than just what the browser is reporting as it’s user agent.


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