Tracking a Newborn the iPhone Way

Now that Ella is home with us from the hospital, of course reality sets in, which means for her: eat, sleep, poop in no particular order.

The thing is, tracking feedings and diapers and what is going on gets tough, and with so much going on and the tiredness of the parents, how do you keep anything straight? Well once again, the iPhone to the rescue.

There are two apps that are awesome for the newborn stage:

Baby Tracker: Nursing

Baby Tracker: Diapers

These two apps allow you track nursings and diaper changes. The nurses and doctors always ask, and it also lets you keep track of nursing easily. Which one did I leave off on? How many today? When was the last one? How much on each side? etc etc.

You can export all the data too and use it however you choose. I am thinking Baby Data Warehouse?

That way, when she is older I can show her how to connect to her own MDX cube and see how much work she was when she was little! 🙂

Big Change #2 – Baby

Yes, that’s right. We are having a baby. A baby girl (they think, you never know!) due February 5th. Everything is going along just fine. I am very excited!!

We haven’t done much as far as getting baby stuff yet. We hit some garage sales and got some neutral clothes for really cheap before we knew the gender of the baby, so that was good. I figure after the move (Big Change #1) we will start getting baby stuff like the crib and what not.

There isn’t much more to say at this point, just waiting for the little bugger to come.

Here is the latest ultrasound: