Reflecting on 1000 Posts

First, I want to give an update on what’s up recently. First off, work is busy as ever. SQL 2012 RTM’d, so that is cool on the Business Intelligence side, and on the Dev side, working on moving a desktop app to the cloud, Azure specifically. Many things going on, as well as keeping on the SharePoint and Yammer trains. Enterprise Social is just “starting” and there is much more happening. Windows 8 is still good. Some quirks but very good, excited for the RC and RTM versions.

It has been a while since I have posted, for good reason, but of course it usually boils down to “just time”. This is my 1000th post on this blog. Well, not really, I had some that I probably removed over the years. Back since 2004, I have moved this blog from, to wordpress, to my own wordpress (on windows!) to different providers and hosters and what not. It has been a road. And more to come. I have a few drafts queued up, but was waiting to have something good for post 1000.

So what else? Other things are keeping me busy. Since last October, Homebrewing has become a big hobby of mine.

We have done 8 batches so far, and it keeps getting better and more fun. We are now past kits and we now are picking our ingredients, which is cool. The beer is good too 🙂

MADPASS ( – I am on the board with MADPASS, we hit our 1 year mark in Feb, which was cool.

We keep doing cool new things, the speakers are good, and the “community” is growing. SQL Saturday 118 is coming up on April 21st as well in Madison (at MATC) – and I am helping out with that as well.

Besides that? Always the same old tech things I do every day. Finally consolidated my Google life to my Google Apps (more on that in a future post). No, no iPad 3/Next for me yet. Maybe though. Thinking about my next tech gadget. Chromebook? New TV? Not sure yet. Nothing really pressing there.

What else could there be? Well… a couple of things 🙂

I have been in the Madison area since November 2007. Been at Trek since Sept 2008. I have lived in Madison (apts), Sun Prairie (condo) and now in an apartment downtown Sun Prairie. It is a cool place. Nice view. Right in the thick of everything that goes on downtown (parades, festivals, etc). But.. the apt life wears on you. We have been “looking” for a house for a while now. Not ready to just go pick one out that is on the market, but wait for the right one. Right area, right price, right look, etc. Well, we found one. In less than 2 weeks, I will be moving to a house in Sun Prairie. It is about 6 blocks away from downtown, so within walking distance of everything (cough cough – Eddies), but yeah, nice little place. In a semi-secluded street. 3 bed, 1.5 Bath, Nice fenced in yard. Should be a nice house.

But wait, there’s more!

Now, I would say that I have everything I need to be happy, and that is true. But sometimes things happen and you get things in your life that will even make you *more* happy. Well, it is a good thing the new house is a 3 bedroom, because come fall there will be another baby Novoselac running around. Yes! We are expecting. Ella will be a big sister and of course our lives will change for the better once again. I am excited but will be even more excited around October!

So until then, and even after, we will keep watching the movie that we call life and having fun.

Ok. 1000 down. couple more thousand to go. Keep rockin’ everyone.

Tracking a Newborn the iPhone Way

Now that Ella is home with us from the hospital, of course reality sets in, which means for her: eat, sleep, poop in no particular order.

The thing is, tracking feedings and diapers and what is going on gets tough, and with so much going on and the tiredness of the parents, how do you keep anything straight? Well once again, the iPhone to the rescue.

There are two apps that are awesome for the newborn stage:

Baby Tracker: Nursing

Baby Tracker: Diapers

These two apps allow you track nursings and diaper changes. The nurses and doctors always ask, and it also lets you keep track of nursing easily. Which one did I leave off on? How many today? When was the last one? How much on each side? etc etc.

You can export all the data too and use it however you choose. I am thinking Baby Data Warehouse?

That way, when she is older I can show her how to connect to her own MDX cube and see how much work she was when she was little! 🙂

Big Change #2 – Baby

Yes, that’s right. We are having a baby. A baby girl (they think, you never know!) due February 5th. Everything is going along just fine. I am very excited!!

We haven’t done much as far as getting baby stuff yet. We hit some garage sales and got some neutral clothes for really cheap before we knew the gender of the baby, so that was good. I figure after the move (Big Change #1) we will start getting baby stuff like the crib and what not.

There isn’t much more to say at this point, just waiting for the little bugger to come.

Here is the latest ultrasound: