Development Need #1 – Multiple Monitors

What’s one of the first things that developers want/need/can’t live without? Multiple Monitors. In most cases this starts of with 2 or Dual monitors, but this should be a standard. More monitors means more screen real estate which means you can more things up in front of you which means you can get more done. 15-25% more done, easily.

So, something that simple, a 200-400 dollar investment, can make your developers more productive, you should make dang sure every one has dual monitors, same size, for sure. Using a laptop screen and a monitor doesn’t count as dual monitors. Having a 15 inch and 21 inch is a mess. Two 19’s or 21’s or even better, higher inch screens is going to make developers happy, it is going to make them more productive, and it isn’t going to break the bank.

Not even anymore in development, but just all over a company, people should have two monitors. From the receptionist to the CEO. Just makes sense.