Where Does Money Really Come From?

Well, it doesn’t come from where most of us think – not from the Mint. The actual paper stuff does, but how does it get created, the volume of money and debt, and who runs it? How did it start?

Check out the series of videos on the subject, very informative

After watching them, you get this sense of “oh man, what can we do?” – it is scary to think that the whole world is ran by a few people.

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Price of Tea in China

More like, the price of milk in St. Cloud. WTF happened to the price of milk? I went to the grocery store, and woah, $4.49 for a gallon of chocolate milk. Are you kidding me? If you go through a gallon a week, that like $235 dollars a year just for milk. I am pretty sure you could probably go buy a Chocolate Cow for that much money. Got Milk? Got Money? Milk does a body good? But you have to sell your left arm just to buy a gallon.

I suppose it has something to do with gas price hikes, but that is another rant 😉