Product Reviews

Hauppauge WinTV

I purchased a Hauppauge WinTV 1.5 PVR card recently. What a cool device. First off, I can watch tv down in the corner of my desktop while doing other things. I can record shows directly to my computer. I can use MSN remote record to record a show that I might want to see but I am not at home. I can use orb to stream the recorded shows over the net to anywhere, or even stream live TV. This week I have been streaming MSNBC and just minimizing it, listening to it over the headphones instead of music. It is just so cool, being able to be connected to your media all the time. With Media Center Edition, Orb, a TV Tuner Card and TV Recorder Card you are all set. Add in your music collection, dvd’s and then downloaded movies, you are all set. The only thing missing is the abilty to remotely play your video games!