If Data Is Your Currency…

Then why do enterprises insist on trying to create their own banks (data centers)?

I have been thinking a while about on-premises data centers vs cloud data centers, and this analogy came to mind…

We trust our money with banks, financial institutions.. Instead of keeping our money at home in a safe or mattress. Yes some people have safes with valuables but I’m guessing they don’t direct deposit their paycheck to their safe. People also use the bank safety deposit boxes for valuables – usually the most important things like passports, birth certs, etc!

Why do we try to make our own data centers? Host our servers and apps? Shouldn’t we trust the banks (cloud providers)? Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc? I think we should.

I think if we step back and think about it we wouldn’t be trying to recreate banks when there are banks out there. My guess is back when banks were starting out, maybe the safe makers and maintenance guys didn’t want it to happen? Or maybe they figured out how to make better safes in banks instead of houses.

Photo Credit: Myself on a bike ride last week.

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Switching Hosting – Moving to Media Temple (MT)

A few months ago I decided to consolidate my hosting and sites to one server, and I went to Server Beach, and got my own Windows 2003 server. I needed and PHP for some things I had so it was kind of a unique situation.

Server Beach is awesome, and if I needed more control I would definitely go back, but I decided it was too money for what I was doing, so I found Media Temple (MT). They have one click WordPress install which was nice, and you can host like up to 100 sites on one account on their “grid” service, for like 20 dollars a month.

What this did leave me with though, was I needed to convert the services I had in ASP.NET to PHP, so a week or so ago I decided to make the switch and converted those services over. PHP just reminds me too much of ASP Classic, very hacky and you have the ability to just put anything anywhere. Oh well, it works now and all my sites are over there for now (except a couple that I will move when their hosting expires). I am liking MT so far and hopefully it goes well, its cheap enough and allows me to do what I need.

I do like that they have the MySQL admin available so you can manage the DB’s directly. In one of my sites, I had to update all the posts at once, and I just wrote a query to do it, saved a ton of time.

Now if I can just get all my DNS and domain registrations in one place, I will be set 🙂