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iLife 09 – iPhoto and Flickr Integration

I installed iLife 09 a few weeks ago and I have been organizing my photos using faces, places, Facebook, MobileMe and Flickr.

One thing I noticed though, is the Flickr integration is OK, but really doesn’t fit my workflow. Why?

Well first, it wants to create a Flickr Set out of everything, if I upload 1 photo or tons, an event or album. This really doesn’t work for me. I want to create a set when I want to create a set, not from a random photo here and there.

The other bigger killer for Flickr integration is that you are stuck once you have your Flickr set tied to iPhoto. You can’t remove a “Flickr Album” from iPhoto if you want. Once you do, it removes the set and photos from Flickr. WTF?

I might have to stick with the FFXExporter plugin I have installed, much more control and many more options.

The MobileMe integration and Facebook integration is much better from what I see, so far. Hopefully Apple with update the Flickr integration some time and make it easier to use, and fit the workflow that I use (and probably most other people) when I upload photos to Flickr