Media Center Edition

I am liking Windows Media Center Edition 2005. I watched a divx TV show and I read some RSS feeds through Newsgator MCE plugin. I need to get a tuner card and a longer s-video cable to get the setup correct with my TV, but so far it is pretty sweet. I hear there is a hotmail add-in coming this week or next so I will have to try that out too. I think I want an Xbox 360 as it is a MCE Extender. 🙂

Product Reviews

Media Center

I have been working dilligently on the customer media center software I have been making since Sept 2004. This week I added support for a queue, ability to watch dvd’s, and also, the coolest thing so far (IMHO), if a song has a video downloaded, play the video in a small preview on the screen. Totally sweet. I downloaded three 311 videos from their site, and then synced them up to the songs when they play, it is like your own little MTV right on your screen. DVD’s look awesome too, just like playing out of a regular DVD player.

More to come on this as more things develop. We have a website in the works, so when it is ready I’ll post a link.