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MSN Music Service Beta

I started using the MSN Music Service tonight, just to see how it compares to Napster. Pretty cool. I bought one album, The Hives new one. The only thing I see that sucks is that you cant re-sync downloads if your computer crashes. It says you are responsible to back them up. What a PITA. They do allow you to have the music on 5 computers though (Napster is 3)

Check it out!

MSN Music Service (Beta)


The White, Black, Grey Album

Lately I have been listening to “The Grey Album”, and “The Double Black Album”. They are both remixes of Jay-Z’s Black Album. The Grey Album is a mix with the Beatles White Album, and the Double Black Album is a mix with Metallica’s Black Album. Both of them are half way decent. Check them out if you haven’t yet.

Grey Tuesday

The Double Black Album


KVSC 88.1 Stream

KVSC 88.1 is the radio station for Saint Cloud State University. You can listen online to their streaming broadcast. It is nice if you just want to listen to some different music or are sick of your mp3’s or cd’s.

KVSC Stream


Metallica and Godsmack

Well, I went and saw Metallica and Godsmack at the Xcel Energy Center last night. Pretty sweet show. We were in a luxury suite, which was cool too. Godsmack played their singles, and they pretty much rocked. Metallica played some oldies and new ones, and they rocked too. The stage rotated around, which was something I have never seen, and all in all it was a rockin show. 5 bux a beer kinda sucked though (30 for a 6 pack, are you kidding me???)


I've Got a Feeling….

Everybody had a hard year
Everybody had a good time
Everybody had a wet dream,
Everybody saw the sunshine

Everybody had a good year,
Everybody let their hair down,
Everybody pulled their socks up,
Everybody put their foot down.


Welcome Back

I downloaded Mase’s new track, “Welcome Back”, his coming out of retirement debut. Pretty sweet I would have to say. It samples from the theme song of “Welcome Back, Kotter”. I always though Mase was kinda cool (at least for a rapper), and then he retired to become a minister. He said he was done with rap forever. Now he is back, and you can tell he has changed (“Livin la vida, without the loca”). Anyways, it is a cool song, and you can watch the video online too.

Mase’s “Welcome Back” Video


New Guitar

Last weekend my mom bought me a new guitar, for my birthday (a few months late), but still it was still nice of her.

It is an Olympia guitar, black, solid face, electric acoustic guitar. The sound I get out of it is much better than my Samick acoustic. My parents bought me the Samick for my 16th birthday, and I never played it until after I graduated high school. It has been a good guitar, makin the round to many fireside parties, and other gatherings. It still works, but the nuts are weird and it makes it hard to play anything above the 10th fret without it sounding very bad. My new guitar has a cutaway so you can play the higher frets with ease, which makes it cool. Also, being that it is an electric-acoustic, makes it even better. I really have never played an electric acoustic and I would have to say it adds a lot to playability.

We picked up the guitar at Chuck Rupar music in Hibbing when I was up for the weekend. He is a friend of my parents and his bad Nightshade played at their wedding back in 78. Anyways, he was cool and explained things to me about all the guitars, gave my a gig bag and some strings so I would be set to go. I searched the web, and he has a website, but not much content. I will give him to linkage anyways.

Needless to say, the new guitar rocks, and I still have the old guitar to play at parties and the like. Hopefully one day soon I will hook up the new guitar to my computer and record some songs.

Rupar Music


Winamp Turns Five

Wow, just surfing around, and I see that Winamp 5 is out. It has been our for a couple months, but damn, I remember when it was like winamp 1.2, winamp .08 beta. It sure has come a long way, it used to be the bomb, when all there was to play mp3 was “winplay” (and wow did it suck). I converted to Microsoft’s Windows Media Player a couple years ago, because I like the library management better, and the auto id3 tag updates, etc. I think I was in a phase where I was trying to get as much as I could on my PC without installing any 3rd party appz.

Anyway, winamp turned 5, which is cool, it is still a stellar app, just not totally what I am looking for. Actually, I installed WMP 10 Beta the other day, and I think it is really cool, more integration with Napster (even though I don’t use it that much).

After a little more investigation, Winamp skipped from version 3 to 5, and the also are charging 15 bux for the “pro” version, that allows you to burn cd’s, etc.

For now, I think I will stick with WMP 😉


Windows Media Player