Music Millennium on 23rd and Johnson: Going out of Business

Was walking 23rd today, Music Millennium is going out of business at the end of the month, so I decided to stop by. Tons of music, all discounted. I picked up a goofy cover cd – Butchering the Beatles – metal covers of The Beatles. Anyone who is in PDX should check out MM before the close down, good deals!

Burnside: The Movie

As some of you might know, I live on W. Burnside St in Portland, OR

Yesterday I stumbled on a site promoting a movie of the name “Burnside”

I watched the trailers, it is shot in Portland, about the trials and tribulations of some people that roam on Burnside St. Pretty cool to have the street you walk up and down every day in a movie 🙂

Thing is, I don’t know where to find a showing of it, or watch the whole movie, which I would love to see it. If anyone knows or knows where to get a copy, let me know

Oddball Shoe Company: Finally, I can buy shoes..

Went out today on a mission to pick up a new pair of kix, headed down 23rd Ave, hit some shops up, found a cool pair of Nike SB’s at Exit Real World


Which are cool, but I wanted something else more low key. The guy at the shop was like, “Check out Oddball’s”, ook, so I looked it up on my phone, and walked on down. Oddballs, yeah, I am an oddball I figured. Size 14. I get there, and the whole store is like bigger shoes, but cool shoes. They have video games, they have beer. Nice place. So I bought a pair of Van’s there too.


Finally a place where I can go in and look, and not say “hey, can you bring me out your size 14’s” and they come out with a pair of white high tops…

Oddball Shoe Company

Mississippi Ave 2nd Thursday, The TeaZone, Kate Elliot

Headed out last night to check out the Mississippi Ave 2nd Thursday gatherings, which is basically shops open up and there is wine tasting, etc, and some bands playing outside. It wasn’t as big as I expected, but still cool, good to see another part of the city for sure.

After that, headed out the The TeaZone and Camellia Lounge in the Pearl District. Very laid back, and just nice. Kate Elliot was singing, she was good. No MySpace or website, so I can’t really link to anything, but yeah, it was good.

Finished off at the Kingston, which is near my apartment, always a good way to end a night out on the town.

Kate Elliot

Portland Differences #8 – No Mosquitos!


Minnesota is known for its “unofficial” state bird, the mosquito. One thing nice about Portland. No bugs!! It is so nice to walk around town, the woods, anywhere and not be bothered by mosquitos. People out here don’t even know what bug spray is. Wood ticks and deer ticks aren’t as much of an issue either. Just awesome!