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HowTo: Edit .MOV QuickTime Files

Well, I did a little research, and probably the best bet (sadly) is Quicktime Pro. So I put out the 30 bucks and got it. Was able to crop my video, and compress it (from 250 MB to 9 MB!!)

Quick how to crop a mov in Quicktime pro

1) open Quicktime and the movie
2) Window->show Movie Properties
3) highlight the “Video Track”
4) click on Visual Settings tab
5) make black square with white border gif in paint (white will be deleted when masked)
6) “choose” button, find gif and load to that square, extract and your movie should be cropped
7) extract audio and video tracks

Quick how to compress a video in Quicktime pro

1) File->Extract
2) choose a compression
3) export

It seems to be Apple just doesn’t make it very intuitive to use Quicktime Pro, I just hate the interface. Oh well, it worked.

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Video Editing Software – MOV Cropping and Compression

My digital camera takes some sweet video. It comes back in .MOV QuickTime format. Thing is, a 3 minute video is like 300 MB.

What I want is the ability to compress the video so I can upload to YouTube. Another cool thing would be a feature to “crop” the video. There is a lot of dead space around the edges of the video, kind of like a picture. I would like to crop it (then it would zoom in on the actual content).

I look online and they are all crappy/don’t work, or have some catch where you need to install a bundle to install it, etc.

I would even pay 50$ or so for something that actually worked.

Does anyone know of any good video editing software that handles QuickTime and isn’t a piece of crap?

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