Carl Sagan

December 20th is the anniversary of Carl Sagan‘s death. 10 years. hehe, from his “myspace

 Hi, there. I’m Carl Edward Sagan, an American astronomer. Some have claimed that I have pioneered exobiology (an interdisciplinary field, combining aspects of astronomy, biology and geology, which considers the origin of life on Earth and elsewhere) and promoted the Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence, but really, I’m just a normal guy who likes stargazing.

He was such a great thinker. If you have never seen the “Cosmos” series, you should. Last year, the Science Channel re-ran the series in its entirety. I watched and DVR’ed them all. What else did Carl Sagan do (besides main scientist type things) – well, if you know about the Voyager 1 and 2 missions, you might have heard about the “golden record

Also, He also wrote the novel Contact, which was made into a movie later on starring Jodie Foster.

I’d have to say, he is probably the most popular author in my library. Currently I’m reading Broca’s Brain and I have six other books of his on the shelf which I have read three so far.

Like I said earlier, he has some great ideas and ways of thinking. Seriously if you want to open your mind and think outside the box, and are also interested in science in general, I think you should check his stuff out.


Science Channel

My new fave TV channel – the science channel. Very cool. Alot of shows on space and things like that. Pretty much any other programs I watch are on NBC. Speaking of NBC, KARE-11, the affiliate for where I am at, actually emailed me back when I emailed them.

Wed, I had a few shows on DVR, but in the Twin Cities there were tornado warnings, etc, and the shows got cut off on DVR. I emailed them and said I was in St. Cloud, and the storms had already passed me by two hours, and they should come up with more targeted weather alerting somehow. Also, they told me when the programs would be re-broadcast (on CNBC). They are lucky Law and Order didn’t get cut off!