iPhone: Firmware 1.1.4 – Mobile Safari – Login/Password won't save – Cookie Permission Issue

When I first picked up my iPhone, I unlocked/jailbroke using SSH (yikes!), and then after a few firmware updates and revirginzings, there were tools. I have been using Independence (on my Mac) lately, and then getting on there over SSH, and then unlocking, etc from there.

With 1.1.4 I decided to try the new kid on the block, Ziphone. It worked, flashed, activated, jailbroke, unlocked. Now with the new Pwnage Tool that was released today, I will probably use that from now on, but looking back to the first firmware OTB to now, I have probably used 5 different methods, all resulting in the same thing, and unlocked iPhone.

Now, I after putting 1.1.4 on, I noticed my cookies weren’t working. Or in other words, logins/passwords weren’t saving in Mobile Safari. Basically, I had to put in my Facebook, Google Reader, etc login/password every time I hit the site – which really sucks.

My first guess is.. Cookie folder can’t be written to for some reason. I did some research, and yes, people with 1.1.4 unlocked or not are having this issue. Seems like a random issue with 1.1.4 on all iPhones.

Well, you can wait for the next firmware from Apple, try downgrading back to 1.1.3 (no way!) or , just fix it yourself.

What you need to do is either set the owner on the Cookies folders to “mobile” instead of “root”,

chown mobile /var/mobile/Library/Cookies/
chown mobile /var/mobile/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist

or you need to allow write/modify access to the Cookies to all users.

chmod 777 /var/mobile/Library/Cookies
chmod 666 /var/mobile/Library/Cookies/Cookies.plist


What I did was change the owner to “mobile”. Your phone must be jailbroken, and have SSH installed. You can use Putty to SSH to your phone and do the fix. Here is the screencast:

You can tell that it works if you the go to a site, like Facebook, login, then in the Cookies directory on your phone, do a

ls -lat

you can see the last modified time and it should be updated to the time you just logged into your site.

Headache… resolved!