Microsoft Word Is NOT A Place To Share Images/Screenshots!

Now, every once in a while, being a computer user, you will have to or be asked to take a screenshot. Either a full screenshot of your computer desktop or maybe just the app you are using. Then you will want to share it, by emailing it.

It seems the norm for some people is to take a nice screenshot, open up Microsoft Word, and paste it in there, then email it off. On the receiving end, you open up word and you can barely see the image, and have to zoom in close like 200% to see anything, and it isn’t formatted well, etc. Take a look at the two screenshots below. One getting it word, one without. BIG difference. And even bigger if your Word opens in "reading mode" when opening from email.

with_word without_word

So, information workers of the world, how do you magically create good screenshots and not use word as the medium to transfer them? Well the easiest (and built in) way is to use Microsoft Paint.

Well, do your prtscrn or alt+prtscrn and get your image on your clipboard, then do a start->run->mspaint and fire up good old Microsoft Paint. Do a quick ctrl+v, and then save it as a jpeg (not a bmp – too big!) close it and email the image! Yipee!!

There are many other options as well. Using the built in snipping tool in vista, or getting a 3rd party screen grab tool, go for it, just please don’t email me a word doc with an image embedded in it!!

Reasons? 1) I might not have word, 2) it is embedded as a crazy OLE object and tough to pull out if I want to edit, 3) it is tough to read

Just email images please, the jpeg kind, it is more than enough to get a good screenshot across the wire.