On Cloud Security

“Don’t tell me the cloud is insecure. You can hire a hacker for $50 to break into your system. They spend hundreds of millions of dollars making their cloud secure.”

Agree. I hear many people in the industry say that cloud is insecure and it basically sums up to a big pile of FUD.

Enterprises Embrace Inflexibility Instead Of Change


Sites and Services Hacked: Use a Password Manager

With the recent hack on where usernames and “cryptographically encoded” (not encrypted?) passwords were taken, it’s time to take warning. Other sites have gotten hacked in the past years as well, and there are ones you don’t even know about. It is kind of scary.

I, like many have been guilty of using same passwords for different services, throwaway services, etc. My most important services I used different passwords, but no more. I have been using 1Password for a couple years to store passwords, but now I am taking it to the next level. I went through the majority of the services and changed password and created a randomly generated password in 1Password. Yes it is a pain in the butt to have to look up password or whatever, but I think at this point, the best password is one you don’t even know.

1Password syncs across iOS, Android, all browser extensions, Mac and Windows, so it suits me well. Even after a few days I am getting used to the new workflow with any passwords I might have to look up or auto login to. All I know is the security and authorization on the net has to improve, it shouldn’t be this tough.