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SQL Server 2008 – Intellisense – Update Local Cache

Since we recently upgraded to SQL 2008, now I have some small tidbits that I can share! First one is this: Intellisense updating.

In SQL 2008, it has built in Intellisense, pretty awesome. Until you add new objects, then everything is red underlined. What to do?

Well if you are writing some T-SQL in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) and run into this issue for newly created objects, just use this command


and you are all set, the local Intellisense cache will be rebuilt and your new tables/procs/whatever will show up in Intellisense, cool!

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SQL Server 2008 – Saving changes is not permitted

Finally getting around to doing some work on SQL 2008, and after about 3 minutes, I run into this error: “Saving Changes is not permitted.. blah blah blah” See screenshot below.


This is different than SQL 2005. Microsoft maybe trying to save us from ourselves? The thing is, I never “enabled the option Prevent saving changes that require the table to be re-created” – it seems to be enabled by default. It would be awesome if this error told me exactly where the setting was.


Well, it happes to be in Tools->Options, Designers, Table and Database Designers. Uncheck the box and go about your merry way!