How Cold Is It?

With the latest “Polar Vortex” or whatever that is happening, EVERYONE is talking about the weather. Everyone always talks about how it has been this cold many times, etc, etc. “It was colder in my day” – ok. Well prove it!

So I took a look at the NOAA data you can get hereยย and got an extract to CSV for my hometown of Chisholm, MN (actually the Hibbing/Chisholm airport since it has data from 1962 to today)

I downloaded the CSV, opened in Excel 2013 and imported into Power Query. I think did some formatting to get the date parts and a date field, and converted the “tenths of a degree of Celsius” to Fahrenheit. Then started analyzing.

I will have to refresh this after this cold spell, because it only has data to 1/1/2014 and these last few days have been cold, but, not the coldest.

Back when I was 16, in 1996, there was a stretch of days in January that were COLD. The data supports this. First I took all the days with a Low temp of UNDER -35 degrees F.

Chisholm Low Temps


You can see, there are a bunch of days in Jan/Feb 1996 that were UNDER -35 Degrees F. So then I copied that pivot and expanded on that date range to see all the days.



Pretty dang cold from 1/19/1996 to 2/4/1996. Lowest day was -50 Degrees F. Average of -31 Degrees F. Of course these are “real” temps, it was even colder with wind chill. These last 3-4 days of -20 to -40 are cold, but not sure they are colder than in Jan 1996. We will see when it is all said and done.

If you can’t remember how cold it was, NOAA, Excel and Power Query can remind you. ๐Ÿ™‚

I have the spreadsheet up on Skydrive.ย

Hot Anyone?


Yeah, not good, especially if you are sunburnt (man, I think I got sun poisoning!!! – but it is finally getting better) – anyway’s it is HOT in PDX today. I guess it was 104 at 4PM, now its 4:30 and its 101. I had to go to Starbucks, since my apartment was more like a sauna than anything. No air conditioning, not really needed when it gets hot 2-3 days a year. By 11 PM I am sure it will be good, but supposed to be hot tomorrow to.

Might be a Starbucks day tomorrow too ๐Ÿ™‚

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Snow Day Update

Snow Day II

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Well, now that the storm has somewhat passed, it is still snowing out, but not as hard. My car doesn’t seem to want to move though. Wish I still had my truck on days like today, although, the 20 dollars a month in gas makes up for it in the long run (compared to 65 dollars a fillup on the truck every week)

At least we have the option of working from home today, so I can take advantage of that. Now that I have my Wii, I can even take Wii breaks, just like at the office ๐Ÿ™‚ (although I have only played like 2 times at work)

Weather Forcasts are Goofy

Ok, so the last two days, the weather has been somewhat agreeable, like, above 0. What I don’t get is, you look at the forecast and it says “High of 13”, but the temp outside is like, 20 already. You would think they would go adjust the forecast and say, “High of 20” or maybe even higher than that. Thing is, looking at the forecast where they high is already beaten out by mother nature, the forecast is worthless ๐Ÿ™‚


Nov. 12th and it has been raining pretty much all day. I wonder how much snow it would be if it was snow…alot I am guessing. Pretty weird weather. I remember years where on Oct 31st we had 5 feet of snow.