When To Code To an Interface

When to code to interfaces? In my opinion only when you have to “INTERFACE” with a 3rd party component, or some external piece you might have to interact with. Writing an interface for every concrete class seems way to redundant. It is probably easier to convert a concrete class to an interface when you need to instead of coding and Interface and Class or every entity object you want to created. What you end up doing is just duplicating code that you will never use.

Oh yeah, your UML (who even uses UML?) will look good, but its usefulness is lacking. I say write interfaces for things like File System interaction, Database interaction, some other 3rd party or external thing you need to interact with. Then you can easily swap out the backend later
if you need to.

I just don’t get writing say, and IPerson interface for a Person object. They are just going to be exactly the same. Down the road I don’t see you swapping it out for a new “Person”. Maybe but at that point, you might as well just create your IPerson and then create your APerson, BPerson that use the IPerson interface.

I guess what I am saying is follow YAGNI (You aren’t gonna need it) principle, and you will see the benefits in your code.