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Let’s Meet

In corporate America, there is nothing that probably happens as frequently as meetings do. There is probably nothing else that workers dread on a regular basis as well.

In these times, what have meetings become? Maybe a good idea to take a look at what they used to be first.

Years ago, you got together in a conference room. You were handed an agenda on a piece of paper. You had a notepad, a pen. There might have been a central phone on speaker for people to hear, maybe not.

Later there might have been a blackboard/whiteboard. Then later came a screen with a projector of some sort (overhead to start). Maybe one desktop in the conference room that let you project. The phone system was enhanced, microphones, etc.

Laptops made their way onto the scene and maybe some senior people had them. Then everyone had them. Now everyone has a phone, maybe a tablet too.

At the same time, software...

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Riding My Bike

I started working at Trek Bicycles, the best bicycle company in the world, around 4.5 years ago. About 6 months in I purchased a Trek FX 7.2 and rode it a few times. Never really got into it. For many reasons.

But then this year I decided to change. Not just with cycling, but with everything. Started a program at work called OneWellness. Working out, eating healthier, mindfulness classes. What was missing the most from my routine was the working out. So I started working out, at the gym. Modest cardio and strength training, then I stared doing running, running, running on the treadmill. I started in January doing 12-15 one mile. Now I can run 6:30 one mile. I can run 8 miles. In an hour. But then I started getting nice out. And a few things happened….

  1. National Bike Challenge – the last couple of years we have done the National Bike Challenge...

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Salvatore’s Tomato Pies

I love pizza. Doesn’t everyone? I grew up in Northern MN. We had (and still have) a few great pizza places. Blame it on the awesome Italians up on “The Range”. Sammy’s Pizza, Bimbo’s, and Choppy’s - a trifecta of great pizza in a 20 mile radius. Grew up with it and it has been my gold standard. Then I moved to St. Cloud, and of course Gary’s Pizza and the Gary’s Special gets any kid through college at SCSU. The House of Pizza is another place that get’s on the list.

I was in Portland, and was pizza deficient. Moved to Madison and searched around. Found Roman Candle, Paisans, and then Anna’s. Anna’s is great - reminds me of Choppy’s up north. There are a few others in Madison too - really good, but nothing like “man I want that pizza now” type thing. Then out of no where comes…Salvatore’s...

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Some Days I Feel Like Bo Jackson

I have been in “career” mode for almost 13 years now. At first it was helpdesk, then software development, then software development lead, many projects, then BI consultant, then BI Manager, add on Software Development Manager, add on this system, add on that system, add on “do whatever is important”.

Kind of ebb and flow though over the years. The time that I was a team lead/mgr of just software development, I had many different projects. Things were busy with a capital B. but it was the same flavor of busy.

Doing just software development, or business intelligence development work, I was focused, in the zone. Especially doing BI consultant work. 8+ hours a day, heads down, no distractions. Got a TON done, accomplished.

In my 4+ years at Trek, I have worked doing software development, BI development, BI management, Software Dev management, Agile coaching,...

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Thoughts on Guns

It happened again. Just like before. Same as it ever was. And same debate after it happens, and most likely the same thing will happen again, and nothing will change and we will wait for the next one to happen. As a parent, after I heard the news on Friday, I struggled to think what the parents in Sandy Hook could be thinking. The first thing out of my head was this: fuck guns, which I posted to Facebook. Now that I have had a couple of days to dwell on it, my response isn’t as pointed, but still remains in the same tone. If you care to keep reading, these are some of my thoughts…

And if you know me, you know me. I have been blogging, tweeting, youtubing, and everything else online for pretty near a decade now, and I can’t really think of many times I have used vulgarity online. This is a time that it calls for it. I just can’t fathom what happened. The...

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Own It

When you get tasked with something new, how do you tackle it? Thought processes, the way you go about gathering information, research and where do you even start?

What I do is this… First I Google the heck out of it and try to get a feel for what is what, definitions where things are, sense of things.

Second, I start looking past just Google results. YouTube is good. Does the thing you are looking for have a specific channel? How about others making videos on it? Watch some. Subscribe.

Then, I hit official site. Maybe help list, community links. Find MVPs, Find blogs. Start subscribing. Reading the content. Look at people who post a lot, who have posted in the last month or so as well. People with a last post of 2010, sorry. Add them to Google Reader, create a sub folder to keep it organized. Back 4-5 years ago, looking at blogrolls was key, but no one uses those anymore. Try...

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There are some days that things you experience or encounter solidify your way of thinking. Today was one of those days for me, specifically in regards to “work”.

I work at Trek Bikes. The best bicycle company in the world. I work with great people, and I have great people working for me. We are working on very cool and interesting things, and we are having fun doing it. We aren’t just sitting around waiting for something to happen, we make it happen. We probably don’t realize how good we have it.

I gave a talk today at the University of Wisconsin and talked with many of the attendees and just got a feel of what is going on out there with other companies, and many of them can’t even fathom what we are doing, and the thing is, we just do it. And to us it is just a normal way to operate.

It makes me smile. It makes me step back and take a look at things....

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