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Welcome Back

It’s been a loooong time since I have posted here. Well, time to change that. The experiment is over. Always been toying with other things. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, svbtle, medium, blogger, whatever. But I guess this is where I belong. Hell, I’m getting requests from this guy.

I focused on some other things.., which still is an experiment. Orignally it was a lifestream, on a few different services, then Posterous, which Twitter bought, so I moved it to WordPress, then Squarespace (which locks you in HARD btw) – and now decided to take some of the posts and move to svbtle. We will see what I do with it. Like I said, still an experiment.

In all reality I haven’t posted here since 11/2012.

What’s changed since then?

steve and olive

  • Life: Olive is almost a year old, our house is coming along
  • Work: I’ve promoted some awesome people and I have many less direct reports. I am getting into other technologies and projects.
  • Health: I started cycling. I’ve lost 65 lbs since 11/2012.
  • Tech: Chromebook? Macbook? Android? WP8? iOS development? Chromecast? Everything else? check. And more.
  • Music: Still rockin
  • Homebrewing: Yep, still doing that too. Need to do it more. I plan on it.

steve novoselac

I’ve cleaned up the theme a bit. Cleaned up some links etc. Still some categorization to here. Oh yeah, still have ads too. It pays for the hosting, and a beer every few months. 🙂


Looking at my Google Analytics, I can tell you exactly when Google Reader shut down…

Not even sure if anyone still reads blogs… do they? I know I do. Feedly is my drug of choice for a reader.


What do people want to read about? Let me know in the comments.. which I guess I might see one or two. Otherwise I will just make up stuff as I go, which is pretty much how I operate anyways.


Oh yeah, I love that Mase song – listen to the YouTube, it’s awesome.


Cya 2009, Hello 2010, Last Decade of Tech

As we approach the end of the first decade of the new millennium, things feel kind of weird. 10 years ago, we were all worried the world was going to end with Y2K, and now we don’t even think about it.

What were some of the best things tech to come out of the last 10 years? (this list is in no particular order)



Facebook (MySpace paved the way, and the others, Friendster)


Windows XP




SQL Server 2005

.NET from Microsoft

Gmail, WordPress


PlayStation 2, and Xbox 360.. and even the Wii

Wireless.. G, N, Mice, Keyboards

USB 2.0

Craigslist (after it expanded from the Bay Area)


Pandora (internet radio)


GPS (Civilian Based – came out around 2004-2005)


Music Games (Guitar Hero, Rockband, etc)

And I am sure there is a ton more I could think of.

Just think about it, 10 years ago we didn’t have anything like the above list in the tech arena. What long way we have come, and those are just some of the highlights.

What are some things you think should be on the list?