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Welcome Back

It’s been a loooong time since I have posted here. Well, time to change that. The experiment is over. Always been toying with other things. Twitter, Google+, Facebook, svbtle, medium, blogger, whatever. But I guess this is where I belong. Hell, I’m getting requests from this guy.

I focused on some other things.., which still is an experiment. Orignally it was a lifestream, on a few different services, then Posterous, which Twitter bought, so I moved it to WordPress, then Squarespace (which locks you in HARD btw) – and now decided to take some of the posts and move to svbtle. We will see what I do with it. Like I said, still an experiment.

In all reality I haven’t posted here since 11/2012.

What’s changed since then?

steve and olive

  • Life: Olive is almost a year old, our house is coming along
  • Work: I’ve promoted some awesome people and I have many less direct reports. I am getting into other technologies and projects.
  • Health: I started cycling. I’ve lost 65 lbs since 11/2012.
  • Tech: Chromebook? Macbook? Android? WP8? iOS development? Chromecast? Everything else? check. And more.
  • Music: Still rockin
  • Homebrewing: Yep, still doing that too. Need to do it more. I plan on it.

steve novoselac

I’ve cleaned up the theme a bit. Cleaned up some links etc. Still some categorization to here. Oh yeah, still have ads too. It pays for the hosting, and a beer every few months. 🙂


Looking at my Google Analytics, I can tell you exactly when Google Reader shut down…

Not even sure if anyone still reads blogs… do they? I know I do. Feedly is my drug of choice for a reader.


What do people want to read about? Let me know in the comments.. which I guess I might see one or two. Otherwise I will just make up stuff as I go, which is pretty much how I operate anyways.


Oh yeah, I love that Mase song – listen to the YouTube, it’s awesome.


Getting There

Worked on the basement pretty much all weekend. Finished painting, put up trim and cleaned it up. Hauled in the last of the stuff I had out in a trailer. The couch was a debalce. Wouldn’t come through the back door, and it fit though the front door, but wouldnt turn the corner down the basement. What we had to do was cut a hole in the sheetrock from the garage to the side door – like I said, debacle. Wish I would of taken a picture, because the sheetrock is back up now. I got DirectTV – finally. After them cancelling once, then cancelling again – and me calling and saying, today or never, they sent a tech out who got here at 7PM. Also I think I found a bug of some sort with SQL 2005. I set up a new laptop this week, and it was fine, but then I noticed IISAdmin service was crashed and wouldnt start – WTF right? So I do a clean install – start getting everything installed, IISAdmin was fine – until I installed SQL2005 (everything – RS, AS, IS, MS). So now, I’m on my second clean install, and I havent installed SQL yet. I think I am going to just install Management Studio and hope to heck that IISAdmin stays running.


New Job

I usually don’t talk about work on my blog, but I figured this is a pretty big thing, so I would post about it. Tomorrow I start my first day at my new job, at For the last 5 and a half years I have worked at St. Cloud Wireless Holdings, the holdings company of Cellular 2000 (Recently sold to Verizon) and Northern PCS, a Sprint PCS Affiliate. It has been a good place to work at, and I have learned a lot. I just am ready for something new. Hopefully I will enjoy my new job, and I am looking forward to new challenges.

Product Reviews

Blue Frog Broadband

New wireless internet provider for the Central MN area. Check it out. It competes with Clearwire and Cityscape.

Blue Frog Broadband


Laptops in Meetings

I received an email from Microsoft, one of their daily or weekly “Microsoft News” emails. One good link that I saw was “7 rules for using laptops in meetings” By Jeff Wuorio. It really makes sense

Here is the link – enjoy

7 rules for using laptops in meetings